Random orbital polisher – Bigfoot Mini LHR75E-DLX


Details: the LHR 75E is the polisher for difficult shapes and for spot repair operations. The LHR 75E is a must for any detailer wishing to obtain perfect results, even in the most difficult areas. The 12mm orbit, combined with RUPES accessories and consumables, achieves quick results on areas such as mudgards, front panels, etc.


Random orbital polisher (Ø75mm – Ø3”-12mm orbit) (LHR75E)
D-A COARSE polishing compound 250ml(9.DACOARSE)
D-A FINE polishing compound 250ml (9.DAFINE)
Wool polishing pad COARSE Ø80-90mm(9.BW100H)
Wool polishing pad FINE Ø80-90mm(9.BW100M)
D-A COARSE foam polishing pad Ø80-90mm – Ø3”-3,5”(9 .DA100H)
D-A FINE foam polishing pad Ø80-90mm – Ø3”-3,5” (9.DA100M)
Microfiber cloth Blue( 9.BF9050)
Microfiber cloth Yellow(9.BF9060)
Microfiber cloth White( 9.BF9070)
Cable Clamp (9.Z1024)
BIGFOOT apron (9.Z868)
BIGFOOT tools bag(9.Z883/BF)


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