Born Out Of Pure Science

Gtechniq was founded by quantum physicist Drew Gill in 2001, out of total dissatisfaction with the performance of paint protection products at the time.
Everything from waxes, to new-fangled polymers and PTFE based miracle treatments, nothing on the market offered any meaningful durability, either in looks, or protection. Worse still, he found that most of the products actually performed poorer than the paints they were supposed to protect.



Making tomorrow a safer place.
Designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative and reliable solutions in the professional tool market, with particular emphasis on electric tools, pneumatic tools, low voltage tools, and dust extraction systems to improve the quality of life and work. Researching and creating solutions to simplify work and increase performance, enhancing both productivity and worker comfort while increasing safety. We design tools that change the way people work, helping professionals to work better, faster, and more effectively. Improving work quality and simplifying tasks through creativity and innovation is our primary skill. We know that the satisfaction of a job well done is something priceless. We work hard allowing you to work better. Passion for what we do, on-going research through leading-edge technologies, and commitment to our customers demands are the inspirations that show us the way towards the future.



Flexipads World Class™ has been manufacturing machine polisher foam and microfibre pads, backing plates and detailing must haves, in Great Britain, since 1974. Flexipads offers several pad range options including the highly popular PRO-Detail Hex-Logic foam pads. These feature a hexagonal pattern, the better to retain compounds for longer working times (and reduced product sling) ‘Coolshine’ pads have a waffle-shape interface for improved air circulation and a more uniform finish. As well as traditional microfibre pads for rotary machine polishers, Flexipads has developed a microfibre range to give Dual Action polishers similar cutting power whilst retaining the inherent safety of the DA. The quality and range of paint correction pads on offer has made Flexipads a popular choice with professional detailers, automotive body shops and avid car care enthusiasts. In addition, Flexipads has been named Official Supplier to British exclusive car marques, Aston Martin and McLaren.



Bigboi was founded in Australia in 2016 by a car enthusiast who had a vision to produce innovative touchless car, marine and motorcycle drying products into a market where the design element was just as significant as the functionality.
Bigboi launched with a modern twist, and it’s blowers have quickly captured and stamped the global market with its lime and black colour palette.

The Bigboi range of blowers, Washer and hydrophobic snow foam and shampoo have been designed to maintain the perfect paintwork appearance of your car by protecting it through both the wash and dry cycle, where most damage will occur. Our products are available for the everyday car enthusiasts to the professional detailers.


We have strong roots. Since 1906.

With the aim of setting new standards for professional work lights, SCANGRIP provides the strongest range of LED work lights that are extremely powerful, functional, user-friendly and designed to fit the rough and demanding working environments. An innovative approach, advanced technology and an elevated degree of functionality are always incorporated into the lighting solutions. These key elements make SCANGRIP capable of constantly pushing the boundaries and being first-mover in the market – this is also known as “the SCANGRIP way”.

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